The true spirit of Ireland, captured by Íon. Influenced by its landscape; inspired by its people and infused with its history, Íon has created a range of uniquely flavoured and meticulously crafted spirits.

Modern techniques with ancient craftsmanship; the freshest, most flavourful raw ingredients combine to create a truly unique range of spirits.

Pure spirits they are, made with clear Irish spring water drawn from a well fissure-deep in ancient rock below our distillery. It is an ancient landscape, alive with history and flowing with a real connection to our past.

At Íon we are intensely proud to follow in the footsteps of the generations of distillers that have come before us. Taking their time-honoured processes, we have added our own elements to create a range of unique and delicious handcrafted Irish spirits.

Darren Nugent, Íon Master Distiller

Our logo uses the ancient Irish form of writing known as Ogham. Etched into imposing stones across the Island, these marks have lasted for millennia, inspiring countless generations since to aspire to make their own mark.

We have created a range of three spirits each with its own unique character and qualities. To do this we draw our inspiration from what surrounds us.

From our landscape strewn with ancient monuments, the memory of the first distiller monks; to the hillside moonshiners and rum running pirates. Our rich heritage has inspired us to forge our own path.

Our name ‘Íon’ – meaning “Pure” in the ancient Irish Language embodies the way we think about what we do. We use the best ingredients; the freshest and purest spring water and do everything by hand to create something authentic and wonderful. Something that we are proud to put our name on.

Darren Nugent, Íon Master Distiller

Purity of Spirit.

Surrounded by the outstanding beauty of the Sperrin Mountains that inspire us, every day Íon hand produces a range of premium small batch spirits.

Purpose-built stills for taste – our spirits are our own water of life. There is nothing “off the shelf” about us. Finding spirit stills in these hills? We are not the first!

Íon may be small, but we have huge ambitÍon and an uncompromising dedication to our craft.

With three fully separate and dedicated spirit production lines – one for each core product – we are ambitious and ready to share our Irish spirits with the world.

Our initial core range of three products:

Íon Whiskey Cask Spiced Rum | Íon Stone Filtered Vodka | Íon Curious Citrus Gin

All Spirits are available NOW. A complete pricing breakdown can be provided upon request.

We are actively seeking export opportunities and would gladly love the opportunity to discuss our products and any sales and/or distributÍon opportunities that may be possible.

To arrange a tasting or to discuss Íon products more fully please do not hesitate to CONTACT US

Purity of Spirit.

Home of Ireland’s first range of 100% locally made Craft Rums; unique Gins and Vodkas. What makes us unique is at Íon Distilling we produce all our spirits from scratch in our own distillery in County Tyrone.